Saturday, 22 August 2015

(Yoshi's lsland) GameBoy Version

Today I'm going to be reviewing the game Yoshi's Island. Yoshi's Island is available for GameBoy Advance only. in the game you play as Yoshi and baby Mario is on your back. And your mission is to go rescue baby Luigi (Mario's brother) the point of the game is to go through world 1-6, and if you see a black castle in level 4 and 8 that means you have to battle the boss. world 1 and 3 is easy but world 4 is harder when you reach (4-4 world 4, level 4) in world 4 level four when you reach the boss your battling little Koopa, he's really not that little he actually transforms in to a HUGE red shell MONSTER, when he's upside down tap the A button twice to do a earthquake jump, after you do it 5 or 10X (times) you finally beat the hardest world in all of mankind.

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