Sunday, 16 August 2015

Dragon Ball Z

Today I'm going to be reviewing the game Dragon Ball Z (Budokai). In the game their is story, in story mode you play as a saiyan named Goku, Goku and his son Gohan go back home to visit their friends until a super saiyan named Raditz comes and takes Gohan in prisoned so Goku and Piccolo travel to the grasslands to free gohan. In the grasslands Raditz challenge kakarot (Goku) to a fight after you defeat him you have to keep Raditz in the of the screen so Piccolo can use special beam cannon. in the menu there is duel, in duel you can play with a friend or by yourself. in the menu there is a world tournament, in the world tournament can choose anyone to compete if you win the three rounds you win 10,000 zenie (dollars) this game is available for the PS2 and the PS3

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